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Planter with Jute Hanger

Planter with Jute Hanger

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We cannot get over how beautiful these are!  Choose from our small or large sizes, or get them both to create an unforgettable area in your home or garden.  How to make this item a beamin' display? Check out our Inspirational Magnets that stick beautifully to these metal planters.  Add a Seraph Vine Bush and you have an inspirational, motivational, gorgeous addition to your decor! 

Planters have a flat back for easy wall display and a flat base for tabletop display. They look amazing with florals and greenery tucked into the pocket and are easily hung from a hook or nail. 

These shabby chic, half round planters with jute hangers come in two sizes:

  1. Small:  5" high by 6" wide with a 17" hanger
  2. Large:  7" wide by 7" high with a 20" hanger
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