Let's Get Social

We are a community of “beams” who - like beams of sunshine - spread happiness, mindfulness, inclusion, and hope to those around us.  Beams who encourage others by a simple kind word, act or deed. Beams who know the power of a small gesture or a smile.  Acts of kindness make others feel amazing! They in turn will spread kindness with their own beam. Kindness also lifts and empowers the giver too – recharging your beam to shine on!  This circle of kindness is life changing.

This is how change happens – one gesture, one person, one kind word, one moment, one beam at a time.

The beam community will play an integral part of shaping our be a beam shop and helping beabeam.com to share in the circle of kindness. JOIN US ON SOCIAL MEDIA and find out how members are shining their beams on others. Share YOUR stories of kindness and be surrounded by beams who will lift you like the sunrise!