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Camping Is Happy Place Sublimation Transfer

Camping Is Happy Place Sublimation Transfer

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Get this image shipped to you as a high-quality sublimation transfer that is ready to press and creates the most beautiful, vibrant results every time!

This listing is for a SUBLIMATION TRANSFER of the image shown. A physical print of the design shown in this listing will be shipped to you. This is NOT a digital download and the T-shirt or any other product shown in the images are for display purposes only and are NOT included.

Please read all information in the following sections below before ordering. If you have ANY QUESTIONS at all, please just MESSAGE US prior to ordering. We want to give you the best possible experience and end result! 

★★★★★ HOW TO ORDER ★★★★★

1. Measure the WIDTH across - in inches - that you need for your image. Select that size from the dropdown SIZE selection.  See **IMPORTANT SIZING CONSIDERATIONS** below for help with this. The HEIGHT of the image will be proportionate to the width given.

2. Select the QUANTITY of prints that you need in the size selected. Add to Cart.

  1. Our sublimation transfers will ship SEPARATELY from other products on our website.  We take care to ship them to you in a manner that provides the best possibility for them to arrive in perfect condition and ready for pressing with great results!  If you are ordering other products (tees, tumblers, etc.) from our website as well as sublimation transfers, you will receive 2 shipments. Transfers are excluded from free shipping eligibility.
  2. We ship transfers via USPS First Class Mail and Priority Mail. You will receive tracking information at the time the shipping label is printed.  We take great care in ensuring the packages are checked in at the post office, but shipping from that point is out of our hands. Please message us if you are having any trouble with your shipment and we will help you in any way we are able.
  3. Current turnaround times for sublimation transfers can be viewed on the message in the header of our be a beam Supply page.
  1. The transfer image will measure the width selected at it's WIDEST POINT.  See the sizing image in the product images for a visual reference of this.
  2. The height of the image will be proportionate to the width based on the structure of the image.  THIS IMAGE IS APPROXIMATELY SQUARE SO THE HEIGHT WILL BE ROUGHLY THE SAME AS THE WIDTH.
*Below are some popular substrates and an approximate width for reference which corresponds to the width selection dropdown.  These widths are just for reference and may not follow the width that you need.  Please message us if you need a width size that is not included in the size options. 

Width- Inches Popular Substrates/Products That May Use This Size
2.0" Car Coaster, Can or Bottle cover
2.5" Car Coaster, Can or Bottle cover
3.0"  Youth Pocket, 0-3 mos Bodysuit, Koozie, Youth Sleeve
3.5" 11 oz Mug, Youth Short Bodysuit, Pocket, Coasters
4.0" 15 oz Mug, Adult Short Sleeve, Pocket, 3-6 mos Bodysuit
5.0" Infant Tee, 6-9 mos Bodysuit
6.0" Infant Tee, 12 mos Bodysuit
7.0" Toddler Tee, 18 mos Bodysuit
7.5" Toddler Tee
8.0" Toddler to Youth Tee, 24 mos Bodysuit
8.5" Youth Tee
9.0" Youth Tee, Small Women's Tee
9.5" Youth Tee, Small Women's Tee
10.0" Youth Tee, Women's Tee, Men's Tee, Unisex Tee
10.5" Women's Tee, Men's Tee, Unisex Tee
11.0" Men's Tee, Unisex Tee
12.0" Extra Large Men's Tee, Unisex Tee
13.0" Extra Large/Plus Size Men's Tee, Unisex Tee
14.0" Full Long Sleeve
15.0" Pillows, Bags, Sweatpants
16 Pillows, Bags, Sweatpants, Blankets
17.0" Pillows, Blankets 
18.0" Pillows, Blankets 


There are so many substrates that can be used with sublimation and also many ways to sublimate on them. Sublimation techniques, time, temperature, and pressure will vary for everyone depending on the sublimation equipment. We recommend that you use your  proven sublimation process.  We do send a couple of small transfers with every order so that you can use them to test.  We recommend that you use the same or similar substrate for testing.  We are not responsible for results due to sublimation process issues.


➤ Dye Sublimation works with WHITE or LIGHT COLOR polyester fabrics or hard goods SPECIALLY COATED for dye sublimation technology. Graphics just will not show on darker substrates. 100% polyester will provide the best, most vivid, full color results. Polyester blend fabrics with at least 50% polyester will sublimate well, however the lower the polyester percentage in your fabric, the lighter the graphic will appear.   At 50% polyester, you will get a more faded/vintage look.

➤ Dye Sublimation DOES NOT have White ink. Any white in the graphic will be void of color (no ink). *Shirt color will show in white areas of the graphic.

➤ NO IRON!! Sublimation transfers are not iron-on transfers. Fabric sublimation requires a heat press.

➤ We do not provide any advice or recommendations for sublimation products.



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