Our SHINING BEAM SHOUTOUT gives be a beam an opportunity to highlight some of the amazing beams out there who are making a difference.  We are honored to get to know a little about them and spread the word of their incredible acts of kindness, selflessness, and love.


This SHINING BEAM SHOUTOUT goes to "Starts With One Today". We were so very touched by all that they do and reached out to their founder, Victoriah Bech, to find out more: 

"Starts With One Today is a nonprofit organization founded by Victoriah Bech. Our mission is to bring compassion and empathy back into society. Every week we serve 200-400 people from the homeless community in Skidrow through our events and other services together with Angelic Beings. Each Sunday we serve food to the homeless in an event we call “Sundays in Skidrow". We also pass out clothing and any other donations we get from our generous sponsors and volunteers. We recently opened Find A Purpose Academy (@fapacademy on Instagram) which is a transitional housing facility for the homeless community. There we offer people a personalized plan to help mentally prepare them to re-enter society which can include therapy, financial literacy classes, life skill classes, work experience, and other amenities to reintegrate them into society. At Starts With One Today, our motto is “everybody is someone’s somebody” and that’s what inspires us to treat everyone we meet with all the kindness we can offer.
If anyone would like to volunteer with us for “Sundays in Skidrow”, we serve every week at 445 Towne Ave. Los Angeles from 8:30-10:30am. Small donations can be brought to our Sunday event as well or you can donate through our Venmo @startswithonetoday_. If you want to contact us please DM us @startswithonetoday on Instagram and we’ll be happy to hear from you no matter the question."
Victoriah Bech
Founder - Executive Director

Victoriah -  we would like to thank you and your group for all that you do. You are truly a shining light in our world!  Thanks for being a beam for so many!


Victoriah gave some great information above if you are interested in helping. If anyone is in the Los Angeles area and can take just 2 hours of a Sunday morning to volunteer that would mean so much.  If you are not in the area, sharing this link is a great way to be a beam!! Our shares just might find some volunteers.

Thank you for your kindness,